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External Retaining Rings,Compression Springs,Torsion Springs,Extension Springs,Coil pin, spring pin, bolt, tooth pin ,Cotter Pins-Hammer Lock,Hair Pins,flat washers,FASTENERS。professional website, you can join Line ID 29943989 someone to serve you

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spring pin.Internal basic Ring

Product introduction

A retaining ring is a fastener that holds a component or component on a shaft or in a housing And spring parts are suitable for stamping parts, mold parts, Toothed spring pin, coiled for steam locomotive parts, hardware tools, The buckle is divided into:Internal Retaining Rings,External Retaining Rings,E Type Retaining Rings,installed - typically in a groove - for one time usebore when only. Internal Lock Washers,Internal-External Lock Washers,Spring Washers,Flat-SAE Washers Once installed, the exposed grade acts as a shoulder which retains the specific component or Circlips are a type of retaining ring. Automated mechanical parts, machining tools, electronic parts and other high-quality Torsion Springs,Extension Springs,parts. delivered to customers in a short time. serviceHigh quality, low cost, short-term delivery. This goal has long-term contribution to localized companies.We have the pleasure of introducing ourselves to you as one of the most reputable spring pin.Internal basic Ring. line ID 29943989

Beveled External Rings
Beveled External Rings Made in Taiwan
Constant Section External Rings

size:inch(1.25-10.0)Mertic size:(3.2mm-254mm) Material:Steel,Stainless steel Plating:Nickel,black Packing:polybag with carton. Sales Method:Export,Manufact.ODM acceptable,OEM acceptable

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Spiral spring pins
Spiral spring pins
Steel hardened 420-545 HV

Also called roll pins,Coiled spring pins are rolled of band material420-545 HV,Generally, heavy duty Coiled Spring Pins are recommended for use in hardened materials where design limitations restrict the use of a larger diameter standard duty Coiled Pin,Coiled spring pins are applicable as connecting pin, pilot pin, driving pin and pivot pin.

Radially Assembled Rings
Radially Assembled Rings Made in Taiwan
Shaft and Housing Rings,Push-On Rings,

Push On Retaining Ring ,Standard Material: Carbon Spring Steel Standard Finish: Phosphate and oil Specification Table

Torsion Springs
Extension Springs Made in Taiwan
Custom Springs,Torsion Springs

Torsion Springs:Torsion springs should be used in the direction in which the coils are wound. Deflection angle represents the angle between the legs as well as the maximum spring rotation.Rotating a torsion spring tightens the spring around a shaft and increases the spring length.

wave washers.Cage Nuts
wave washers.Cage Nuts Made in Taiwan
Wave spring washers,Flat washers

the wave washer with space for stacking flat washers can be stacked in between .

Company Profile

Since its inception in 1992, Man Ye Enterprises Co., Ltd. has been a professional manufacturer and trader to introduce fasteners such as: spring pin, washer, buckle, rivet spring wears exporters in Taiwan.has been engaged in this line of business since 1991,particularly we having a good sale of compression spring .spring pin and are desirous of expanding our market to you country. We have professional spring manufacturer with development capability.That automatic spring forming machines,anneanling ovens,load testing detectors ,projectors Having our own factories, we guarantee that our products have both outstanding and quality and sold at competitive prices. requests for quotations welcome. Please order via e-mailor fax(886-2-29946603) by line ID 2994389 attaching a listing of quantities and specifications (including wire diameters, materials, lengths, outer diameters, number of spirals, and drawings). For more details, fax or e-mail us. We're looking forward to be of serving you

Axle Hat Push Nuts
Axle Hat Push Nuts
City Capture

push-on cap nut Fasteners provide an attractive and secure means of capping exposed shaft, axle or stud ends. push-on cap nuts are available in a wide range of sizes and designs.

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External Retaining Rin

FASTENERS,Metric Inverted Circlips ,External Retaining Rin,Internal Circlips, Standard, Bowed, Heavy Duty Push-On, Heavy Duty Standard and Grip. Contact us today! Standard External Retaining Rings,Bowed External Retaining Rings,Heavy Duty External Push-On Rings,External Heavy-Duty Retaining Rings,

Toothed Slotted Spring Lock Pin
Toothed Slotted Spring Lock Pin
Material: Stainless steel,Carbon steel(Surface treatment Black Oxide)

Professional Toothed Slotted Spring Lock Pin,Spiral spring pins,Coiled spring pinsA spring pin also called roll pinis is considered a self retaining fastener.

External Type Lock Washers
External Type Lock Washers
Internal Type Lock Washers

Materials: spring steel. These washers are also available in bronze and bronze alloy and in series stainless steel Specify material when inquiring or ordering

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External Retaining Rings